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takeoff full update 26.70M Mini application update including report templates, plPack, plPaint, plProjExplore, plReport, plExport and plProjFiles .v2.15.x.x. What's new.
takeoff utilities 13.6M utilities update including plPack, plPaint, plProjExplore, plReport, pdfKlip, plExport, plProjFiles and gr_Sweep.
Help docs 36.5M PDF help files; *.chm
Supplementary graphics 14.1M Exta icons, product images and material photos
Crystal drivers 3.7M Crystal32 8.5 dlls plus export filters
Complete setup 102.1M Please Request link v2.13.0.0


Links (passwords required)

tkoffice tkOffice 4.3M Minimal update (v2.15.0.0)
Microvellum Microvellum 3.0M Minimal update (v1.5.0.0)
QuickCAM QuickCAM 2.0M Minimal update (v2.3.0.0)
Sage Sage 2.0M Minimal update (v2.1.0.0)
toSMART SMART 1.7M Minimal update (v1.0.0.0)
TaskKlock TaskKlock 1.9M Minimal update (v3.8.0.0)
Tractivity Tractivity 1.9M Minimal update (v1.5.0.0)


"License managerhasp usbhasp lpt

hdd32.exe 4.9M Client license manger 32bit
haspruntime.exe 19.9M V 7.80: Client license manager 32/64bit
Win7, Win8, Win10. Readme
Network license 16.3M LM setup key(Red)
Monitor 1.7M Optional network license monitor