Why get training?

Most software implementations result in shelf-ware due to little or no training. If you are going to make a software investment it is critical to make an equal investment in training your employees. Expecting workers to learn on their own time isn't realistic or fair. Training will result in:

  • Quicker use of your software investment.
  • Better application of software to your business.
  • Answers to specific questions.
  • Site customization.
  • Focused time for learning.
  • Co sharing of experiences.

Why not self train?

We can all learn on our own, but you need to ask yourself "How soon do you wish to get value from your software investment?". Will you use a systematic learning approach or learn by trail and error? Will you know the best method to model your business in the software?

When to get training?

The best training is after a product has been installed and has been operated for several weeks by the end users. At that time, real questions have been developed and one has had chance to get familiar with the interface. Try not dwelling on details but simply learn where things are first.

Finding time for training.

Time will be spent either with or without training. The only difference is the perception that training time is tangible and costly versus time spent learning by trail and error is free. Once you agree that training is an important part of implementation then simply allocate the days required and ensure that these are uninterrupted days . Also be sensible in that the persons being trained be allowed to briefly connect once a day with the office for messages.